Looking back Slowly

Happy New Year friends!

I am SLOWLY stepping into 2012 and finding the energy that I have needed to get back into the grove of our normal schedule after holiday break was enough to keep me on my toes this past week.

Our whirlwind of a holiday tour, that in only two weeks took us to Philadelphia, New York City and Washington DC, ended last weekend with our arrival at home in Charleston after a 13 hour drive just before New Years.
It has taken me this past week to process all that we did, there were so many lovely times with friends and family, and to take in the fact that it is now 2012!

Here's a quick holiday re-cap of our trip,
While we've been loving our warmer southern winter so far, it was fun to take some hikes in the woods of the cold north while we were there,

we enjoyed every second of our time with my brother's family visiting from England, their little girl is almost two and just as cute as can be!

We shared delicious holiday meals with family including this highlight, a traditional English holiday Triffle prepared by my sister-in-law,

Being all together in my parents big, beautiful old house that I grew up in was so fun!

We arrived back at home just in time for some was 70 degree weather and were able to enjoy New Years Day on the beach, the kids were even in bathing suits for splashing around although the water is cold now.

At the beginning of each year I like to reflect back on where I was at this time the year before. 2011 was such a huge year for us that I know I'll be processing all of the changes that it held for some time, and really it feels like it was many years wrapped up into one as in many ways we actualized many long held dreams in 2011. 

At this time last year we were knee (thigh?) deep in snow, I announced our move and we finally completed the renovation of our Brooklyn brownstone and started staging it to get it ready for sale. At the end of February we visited Charleston, where we were blessed within a week to find our dream house along with great schools for the kids, and went into contract for the sale of our house in Brooklyn, all within one week (seriously one of the craziest weeks of our entire lives). That time last year really felt like a whirlwind. 

The next few months were bitter sweet as we prepared to leave our home and city of 15 years, we packed up, said goodbye to friends and spent days celebrating all that we loved in Brooklyn.
Even thinking about that time of leaving, and looking at the posts that I wrote last spring get me choked up, it was such a time of transition, of knowingly letting go, of leaving.
At the end of May we made our big move, leaving NYC for Charleston.
We spent the summer adjusting to, exploring, finding new favorite spots and beauty close to our new home.
We spent our annual time at my family's farm (that we live only 4 hours from now!) in both the summer and the fall. We bought another VW camper van, woohoo! Renovated our back yard and Frank built the coolest tree house.
We had a couple of new furry additions in September.
Made new friends and celebrated with a pirate birthday party. Visited Disney with old friends, spent holidays with family near and far, did lots of crafting, made a bunch of paintings, and made our holiday whirlwind northern tour. Whew, so much to take in and process.

As I start this new year I am beginning by struggling to make room for something new and unexpected in my life. I am embracing something that I thought I was letting go of and taking what feels like a huge leap of faith. I'll share more about this when the time feels right.
Wishing you many blessings and light ahead in 2012.