Check out my new wheels! I bought myself a mint-teal beach bike this week, one speed and smooth as can be. Here we are out in front of our new house (see those three windows together on the right, that's my new studio!). I love riding with Carys's bike seat on the back of my bike, the two of us have little conversations about the things that we are passing as we ride.

Our new neighborhood is very bikeable, with slow cars and side walks, this is Jasper's first experience of riding on streets so we are extra careful.

Our favorite family bike ride so far has been down to the old Pit Street Bridge, a wide pedestrian cause-way out into the bay where you can wander on little trails down to the ocean and a kayak launching area,

Do you see the group of people behind me in this picture...

They are kayakers just hanging out on a beach on a little uninhabited island, they totally made me want to rent a kayak...we just might have to this weekend, it looks like so much fun.

The Pit Street Bridge goes way out, so that finally you have water on either side of you, with little benches and places to fish,

Then back again down the Palm lined cause-way,

One of my favorite houses in our neighborhood is right at the start of the bridge, it looks like a rambling tree house for grown-ups,

Tucked right in under an amazing old live Oak on the edge of the water. I'll have to do a post just on the old trees down here, there are amazing!