August Break: Van, again!

As of yesterday we are the proud owners of a VW camper van, again!

I looove VW camper vans, and I can get a little geeked out over all of the different models and types. I owned a 1978 Westfalia Camper model from 1996 to 2002, and traveled around the US and Mexico living in my van for a year, I knew that van so well and loved it.

Frank and I camped a lot in the old van when we were first dating, but when the van started needing a little too much work we sold it with heavy hearts to a friend of ours, as we knew that it was just getting too old to be a good car with kids.

Then, with our move out of NYC in sight this year, we started to think about getting another VW camper, we have always talked about how fun to would be to camp and travel in a camper van with Jasper and Carys.
Almost by chance I found this 2002 model that was for sale right in Asheville, where we come each year for our annual trip to my family's farm.
We drove up to the mountains a couple of days ago. Yesterday we met the wonderful older hippie couple that was selling the van, talked with their mechanic, test drove it on the beautiful mountain roads and made it our own!

We camped outside of my aunt's house last night and looking forward to doing it again tonight! Sleeping in the van feels like the four of us are in the coziest little two story cabin, bringing back lots of memories of my old van, but also feeling so different and new.

Waking up there this morning was wonderful too, peaking out through the curtains, listening to sounds of the forest, and of course imagining all of the adventures that are ahead of us in these new wheels!