Hello from Charleston,

We have been down here a week tomorrow, and this has been by far been one of the craziest weeks of our lives! Our house in Brooklyn was shown starting last Sunday, the day we left town, and by the end of that day we already had offers on our house. Then, starting last Monday we began looking at houses here in Charleston, and on Tuesday we met our dream house. We walked into it and absolutely fell in love, it is possibly even better than anything that we could have planned ourselves. Among many details that we love it even has bamboo and palm trees in the yard, two things that I have always dreamed of having! All of the above views are within a 5 minute drive of the house.

On Wednesday our offer was accepted on the house here, AND on the same day we accepted an offer on our house in Brooklyn, from a family who really loves the house there! Right now the contracts for both houses are being drawn up and ratified, inspections are being done on the houses and all of the wheels are in motion towards this huge move that we are making. Frank and I both feel so blessed and amazed at it all, the ease with which this is happening feels like such a sign and confirmation that we are headed in the right direction and with the right timing.

We are just amazed, and walking in faith with each step.

Heading towards a life that we really had only dreamed of!
Once we get back to Brooklyn next Friday I'm sure that I'll be able to reflect and share much more about our time here, and maybe more about our dream house!
For now, we are putting one foot in front of the other.

P.S. My friend Arron, a choreographer, recently composed a dance piece based on my painting Awakening, about dreams coming true. You can read her thoughts about the piece and see a video of the performance here on her blog.