Listen in on a chat all about my Creative Career Journey!

A few years ago I had this beautiful chat as part of an artist interview series….

with Connie Solera of 21 Secrets Studio. We talk all about my journey as an artist, how I’ve woven both motherhood and art together, with a heart for helping women express themselves creatively! I’ve always had a deep understanding that I was destined to be both an artist and a mother. We chat about my winding path to where I am now, how I met my talented husband in art school, and how together we have built a family and a creative life that compliments each other beautifully. Enjoy!


Collaboration with Lou & Grey

Faith’s paintings were featured on fabric designs for the Anne Taylor Company Lou & Grey.

Along with her book Painting the Sacred Within, Faith has also contributed to the following books:

Color Lab for Mixed-Media Artists

by Deborah Forman

Strengthening your understanding and use of color will make your mixed-media art shine as you complete 52 labs that span painting, collage, drawing, assemblage and more. In Color Lab for Mixed Media Artists, color is explored through multiple lenses-nature, history, psychology, expression-as you work through 52 exciting and approachable projects that explore the infinite potential of the chromatic experience. Artist and color-theory expert Deborah Forman provides you with techniques and instruction. These materials and labs focus primarily on paint and collage, along with experimental projects for book making, sculpture and installation. Work your way through the color spectrum, using the steady beat of color as the guiding framework.


Paint Lab: 52 Exercises inspired by Artists, Materials, Time, Place, and Method

by Deborah Forman

Paint Lab is packed with unique and experimental techniques and ideas in painting. This hands-on book is organized into 52 units, which may, but don't need to be explored on a weekly basis. The labs can be worked on in any order, so that you can flip around to learn a new mixed-media technique or be inspired by a particular painting theme or application. The underlying message of this book is that, as an artist, you should learn and gain expertise through experimentation and play. There is no right or wrong result, rather you will find new forms of expression in your work and gain confidence in your skills.


Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flower Art with Mixed Media

by Carrie Schmitt

Do you long to cultivate more creative joy in your painting? Flowers are organic, wonderfully forgiving subjects. Each one is unique; you can't paint one wrong! Painted Blossoms will encourage you to welcome creativity with ease as you discover ways to tend the garden within. In addition to watching yourself grow through seven different stepped-out flower projects, you'll learn basic design elements, how to get unstuck from the mud, how to carve your own stamps, cut your own stencils and more.