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I'm Faith. lover of bright color, drips, unbridled expression, pure freedom and unapologetic happiness! I was created to express beauty, and I invite you to pursue it with me!

I'm a painter, creative guide, Retreat leader and author of the bestseller Painting The Sacred Within.

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My passion is helping women connect with their most heartfelt ideas through creating art. It all begins when you ask yourself…


Are you ready to embrace the creativity you know you were made for?


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An E-Book full of simple tips to help you stay calm, present and inspired.



New Classes and Adventures!

I’m always creating something new in the studio and
dreaming up my next adventure.

With two decades of personal painting experience my hope is to inspire you to express your most authentic self through creating art.

My Upcoming offerings…..

  • PICTURE YOURSELF IN ABSOLUTE TECHNICOLOR, LIFE CHANGING MARRAKECH HEAVEN. My next Painting the Sacred Within Morocco Retreat, is coming up in November 2019 you won’t want to miss this adventure of a lifetime!

  • The next session of our Popular ABSTRACT BLISS E-COURSE will begin on October 21!, don’t miss this joyful exploration into the world of abstract painting to grow your voice in your work and your bravery muscles in the studio. In this class I share all my tips, tricks and techniques to create successful abstract paintings that you’ll love!


My Book

Take a look inside my bestselling book & popular online class:

Painting The Sacred Within :: Art Techniques to Express Your Authentic Inner Voice


See what it's like to join one of my transformative retreats!