Our perfect day

Last Friday Carys and I had a day that was as close to perfect as possible, what a glorious time we had! We were up early after enjoying watching the royal wedding live, I think I was even on a bit of a "royal wedding high", it was such a beautiful event! We headed out to meet my cousin and her daughter at a pretty park in a very old part of Brooklyn called Cobble Hill,

The sun was shining brilliantly and it seemed as if everything was in bloom! After a tasty lunch at a cute cafe Carys and I began a long three mile walk back home through Brooklyn, it was the perfect day for a long walk, with many people out enjoying the spring weather, along quaint old Brooklyn streets full of history,

We walked down mostly tree covered, brownstone building lined sidewalks, with pretty iron work and blossoms at our feet,

Crossing some broad avenues,

Until we came to one of my favorite spots, tucked away right off of the grandeur of Grand Army Plaza with its impressive arch and statues,

There is this group of Cherry Trees that I have visited over the years and it was in riotous perfect full bloom,

Underneath the trees we enjoyed a fairyland,

Soft pink blossoms were everywhere, enough on the ground to gather bouquets to dance around with, Carys was in heaven!

 After having our fill of frolicking for a while under the trees, we walked into the park, through an old tunnel that leads out into the Great Meadow of Prospect Park,

At the end of the tunnel there was a man playing a saxophone,

Those rich sounds filled the air and mingled with the sound of a ukulele, that was being played by a man leaning against a tree further down the path. He was playing the IZ version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, one of my all time favorite songs that sings to my soul,

We wandered out into the meadow and layed down, there were kids playing games, off in the distance we saw some people we know, there were kites flying, and the sun felt so good. The beauty of it all filled us up and spilled over,

 Oh Brooklyn, my Brooklyn, when you are beautiful you just knock me over.

*The perfect day ended with a glass of wine and a surprise dinner of salmon that Frank had ready when we arrived home, which of course made it extra perfect.