A party to remember

Frank and I had our big art/goodbye party at our studio space on Saturday night. We still feel overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, all the friends who came out to join us in celebrating our years in NYC and our next adventure, as well as all of the people who bought our work that night. We sold so many paintings, and just knowing that they have all gone to the homes of people who are close to our hearts brings a huge feeling of peace and joy to both of us!

In the moments of calm after everything was hung up on the walls but before any guests arrived, Frank and I took a video to share with you here. Unfortunately technical difficulties are interfering in my fun of sharing it with you and I'm having trouble getting it loaded onto my blog. Hopefully I can sort that out soon!

Frank made his famous Antipasto platter to share with our friends, a part of his Italian family heritage!

Along with originals I also sold prints, wood mounted prints and cards,

My dear friend Sophia, from back in college days, was there to wrap up all of the sold art work and to handle all of the money, such a relief to have friends take care of that for us so that we could be free to talk with everyone!

Deep thanks to all of our dear ones who helped us that night, and to all who came. As the days get closer to our move (10 days to go), I am having trouble expressing everything that I am feeling with words. 
It was a night the we will long remember, the conversations, the goodbyes, the reminiscing, we are storing all of it up in our hearts!