The tale of our home renovation: the full story

The Parlor

Welcome to the tale of our Brooklyn home renovation!
By way of introduction, here is a painting of our living room that Frank just finished, you can read his thoughts about it here. The renovation of our Brooklyn home has been Frank and my biggest collaborative creative project to date (unless you count our kids!) and I have had such fun chronicling it here. I have filled the tale with lots of "before and after" pictures, because I love seeing transformations.

Before and After: the tale of our home renovation...

Part 1: The tale of buying our house, and the before and after of the front of our building.
Part 2: Before and after of our living room (or the parlor as Frank likes to call it).
Part 3: Before and after of our kitchen.
Part 4: Before and after of our entry way and stairs.
Part 5: Before and after of our upstairs bathroom.
Part 6: Demolition and a Big Mess. 
Part 7: Exploring our Deck. 
Part 8: Before and after of the kid's room.
Part 9: Before and after of the master bedroom.
Part 10: Before and after of the garden level.
Part 11: Before and after: our front door, and the conclusion of the tale.