Sullivan's Island

Just a short five minute drive from our new house is our local and new favorite beach, on Sullivan's Island, a quiet beach community with a laid back tropical vibe. Bungalows line the quiet streets,

You simply pull your car off and park in the sand where ever you find a spot,

Then you walk on the boardwalk out to the ocean across the dunes,

Its amazing how much beach gear we end up bringing to the beach, I'm learning how to streamline our beach routine, by the end of the summer I should be a pro!

The beach is wide and beautiful, with warm water,

The huge reason that Sullivan's Island is our favorite beach so far is the huge sandbar between the beach and the open ocean that creates an inlet that is calm and pretty shallow, perfect with the kids. The inlet is also full of sea life, yesterday we found sand dollars, hermit crabs, conchs, lots of shells and a star fish who hugged each of our hands as we held him!

The inlet is also where we swam with dolphins last week, they swam past us in the shallow water, only ten feet away from us and then they swam around out to the ocean side of the inlet where we jumped in the water with them again. I wish that I had photos, it was amazing! People here say that the dolphins are frequent visitors so hopefully as the summer goes on I'll have more dolphin sightings to share.

Each time at this beach has been so special so far, we can't wait to share it with friends as they come to visit!

and each time we leave we can't wait to go back again tomorrow!