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"Where ever you go becomes a part of you somehow."

-Anita Desai



Imagine a small group of women, coming together for a pocket of time with a shared intention. We create, we share, we circle, we paint, we are seen, we are nurtured, we grow! EVERY PERSON LOOKS RIGHT AT YOU, AND YOU LOOK RIGHT BACK, THE DAY TO DAY FALLS AWAY AND WE CAN SEE AND BE SEEN FOR OUR UNIQUE SELVES THAT GLOW BRIGHTER AFTER THIS JOURNEY. Its truly an experience that’s hard to find anywhere. On our retreats we cultivate this magic, this coming together to nourish each other’s soul growth is what it is all about. We want you to leave your retreat experience nourished, with fresh intentions to carry home and all kinds of new painting skills, ideas and direction! If you have never been on an artistic retreat, let me assure you, it is powerful to step out of your ordinary life and allow your well to be filled. You relax into the flow, with time away from your normal responsibilities, with delicious food, beautiful surroundings and a vibrant creative community. Our group of kindreds will connect in person, in a nurturing environment that will allow you to BE DARING, UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST AND ABSORB THE BEAUTY ALL AROUND YOU.

We offer these life-changing retreat, group travel, and TRANSFORMATIONAL ART EXPERIENCES, IN SOME OF THE MOST NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL, CULTURALLY RICH PLACES IN THE WORLD! We believe that art making is a practice, requiring daily attention to receiving, perceiving and responding. As with any practice it requires you to make space in your life to nurture it to grow, that's why gifting yourself with the time to flourish is so powerful. IT CAN JUMP START YOUR INTENTIONS, IT CAN SPRING BOARD YOU INTO THE FUTURE THAT YOU DREAM OF. IT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!

The work we do will bring us closer and more intimate with the longest relationship we will ever have.  The one with ourselves.

There is no “perfect” in art-making and I want to help inspire the natural artistic process in all of us. I love encouraging artists to go beyond the boundaries, step out of their comfort zones, and experiment with color. WE WILL CONNECT OUR CREATIVE SOULS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN TOGETHER!

YOU WILL PRACTICE SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF AND LEARNING HOW TO USE NEW TECHNIQUES TO IGNITE THE FIRE WITHIN. We will guide you through a retreat full of different art exercises working in a fun, playful, yet meaningful way to not only allow life changing shifts, but also a beautiful time in some of our favorite places in the world!

Journeying to an exotic retreat location is a great opportunity to loosen up and develop your courage through travel & art-making. You are allowed the gift of being truly present in your work and your creative process without any distractions. What could be better? We’ll support each other, and create beautiful art together in inspirational, soul-healing environments CELEBRATE THE JOURNEY, EMBRACE YOUR OWN TRANSFORMATION, AND DWELL IN POSSIBILITY ON ONE OF OUR CURATED ART RETREATS.

I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world you will eventually become it.
~tyler kent white

Let's journey together!

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