Another Garden Project

We've been poking around our yard over these past few months, finishing up projects that have been on our minds for a while like our Tire Swing, as well as starting new ones like our Vegetable and Herb Garden. Recently we finished another quick project, hanging a swing for the kids that we've had sitting around in a box since our move last year.

Its a simple cute Ikea swing,

which we decided to hang from the base of the kid's tree house that Frank built last summer.

I'm working (still working!) on a long overdue post about our yard renovation that we did last summer, its really hard to believe that when we moved in last summer this was all just dirt surrounding the big old trees, its come so far and looks great this season as many of the plants that we put in are filling in more.

Its such a special place to hang out and play.

We all goofed off while Frank hung the swing, Jasper took some silly pictures of Carys and I.

Then, it was done! And I don't think they've stopped swinging since, between the tire swing out in our front yard and this new one! But....I've still got one more cool swing idea using just a thick nautical rope, our friend here made one for his kids and I think we're going to attempt our own. I'm excited about that and I'll share it with you as soon as we figure out how to make it!