Making a Beautiful Mess

For the past few weeks I've been in a really good painting rhythm, taking full advantage of the times when the kids are in school, and getting some paintings to the point where I can work on them even with the distraction of the kids playing around me, I always love it when that happens!

I've moved my studio out onto our screened in porch, as the cool mornings and sounds of outside have been feeding my creativity.

Painting around my baby belly is getting interesting, often I do end up using it as a shelf, I enjoy feeling baby kicking inside of me as I work, but the downside is that I can not stay in one position for very long. Usualy when I'm working I let my mind float away into my world of paint, but now I'm forced to accomodate my body much more, focussing on maintaining possitions that feel good and moving around periodically.

We've been enjoying this finished piece on our mantel,

Belle and Ruby love being with me on the screened in porch as I work, they watch the action of squirrels and birds in the yard.

The view from where I'm often sitting...

I've been capturing my days on Instagram with my phone more and more, and loving it. Are you on instagram? Come visit me at faithevanssills, and leave your hashtag in the comments here, I'd love to connect with you there!

Frank's got some great paintings, of Charleston and our home, in progress right now too, check them out here.