Our Garden

One of the things that we've been looking forward to doing with our new large yard since we moved in is to grow vegetables. We missed the start of the growing season last year so this spring, way back in March, Frank had a jump on things by building three large cedar planter boxes against the fence on the sunniest side of our house.

We filled them with good dirt and compost (you can see our compost bin in the way back of the picture up there by the bamboo, where we recycle all of our compostable kitchen scraps),

Then we chose vegetables and herbs and planted them mid-March.
Fast forward almost two months and here's what they look like today!

We've got tomatoes (called "Big Boy variety" and already totally living up to their name!), cilantro, basil, rosemary, mint, green peppers, squash, strawberries and lavender.

This tiny sprout will grow up to be a yummy green pepper,

and these are some of the "big boy" tomatoes already ripening on the vine.

In one of the bins I planted flowers, this one is edible, I forget the name but I remember having it on salads at a lovely organic restaurant in Maine ages ago, I think I'll just use it as a cut flower though, I think its so pretty.

I love Cleome, one of my summer favorites, 

In the third bin we started everything from seeds. This will be my cutting garden, hopefully full of flowers blooming in another month or so.

The kids and I had fun choosing our packages of seeds, and we're growing many flowers that I've admired in cutting gardens in the past. I can't wait to have bouquets of fresh flowers in the house, and I've always loved sunflowers so we planted a bunch of those.

For now I'm content with the bouquets of herbs and nasturtiums that I've been bringing in. I can't wait to update you as our garden grows!