Our new Tire Swing!

Happy April!

This past weekend we competed a project that we've wanted to do since we moved into our new house 10 months ago, we put up a tire swing for the kids. At a playground the tire swing is always the first thing they go for so I knew they'd love it. Last Saturday we set out to make it, we used these instructions that seemed very clear and straight forward.

First thing, we went to a tire store and asked them for an old tire, when we explained that it was for a tire swing they were happy to let us go out back and choose our tire from the pile of old tires that they were getting rid of.

When we got back excitement was running high! 

We have a few large old trees in our yard, and this Live Oak in the front yard has the perfect limb for our tire swing, far enough away from the tree's trunk that there is no chance of a collision! Frank chose the spot where we'd hang the swing in the crook of a branch.

After a couple of trips back and forth to the hardware store for just the right parts. Then, giving the tire a good scrubbing,

and rinsing,

and some monkeying around.

Frank finally had the tire swing strung up, gave it a daddy test and all looked good,

So away they went, soaring round and round with huge smiles. They love it and for the past few days its been the first thing they want to do in the morning and the last thing they want to do before coming inside in the evening.

Yahoo for handy Daddies with lots of patience!