Sweet scenes from our world

 What are your plans for the weekend? I'm sure we'll be out enjoying this amazing summer weather that we are having.

Here are some sweet scenes from our world.
I am endlessly inspired by the view of the tidal marsh near our house, which we drive across to get to the beach, the wide open expanse of space always makes me exhale deeply, ahhhhh.

Here's another tunnel of trees that we discovered recently on a walk back from the beach...what a cool pretend fort it would make.

Fresh strawberries from the Farmer's market have been a favorite at our house recently,

 we dipped some in chocolate to share with friends, yum.

Here's Carys getting ready for her end of the year Ballet recital was super heart meltingly sweet, oh boy she was excited,

The other day after a rain shower we saw another amazing rainbow at the end of our street, seeing a rainbow never looses its magic, even if it only last for a minute like this one did, I seriously RAN outside to take this picture!

Every Saturday morning since April we've been loving cheering on Jasper's soccer team, the Asteroids, go green! This weekend is his last game and they've had so much fun this season.

And last but definitely not least here's a scene from Frank's opening last week, that's Frank's back while he's chatting about his paintings,

we had an evening out in downtown Charleston for the art walk that his opening was a part of, we had so much fun but I was exhausted afterwards, phew!

I've been doing a lots of painting this week, so many ideas that have been percolating are coming out and I can't wait to share them with you next week.
Have a relaxing weekend!