August Break: Edisto Beach

We had plans to camp in the van this weekend, so after it was clear the wild wind and rain of Hurricane Irene had passed us on Friday, off we went to Edisto Beach, a state park along the coast to the south of Charleston,

The campground was right on the beach, and the water after the hurricane was very churned up and rough, not a friendly ocean. The beach had a wild jungely feeling to it that I liked,  it was also a sea turtle nesting site, with special protected areas roped off but we did not see any turtles,

The storm had washed all sorts of interesting things onto the beach, we found so many gorgeous whole perfect Conch shells, silly us we did not carry a bag on our beach wanderings so our hands just kept getting more and more full of shells as we walked,

Check out my boy's adult front teeth that are coming in so fast this summer, love that new toothy smile!

At sunset we traipsed back to our campsite with all of our treasures, only to find that..

even with a view like this there were swarms of biting flies, ugh. So we abandoned our beach camping night, hoped in the van and headed out to dinner in the small town of Edisto, then drove home with the kids asleep in the back that night!
There is something that I really like about night driving, with the kids asleep, its so peaceful, cozy and quiet, reminds me of when I used to fall asleep in the car as a child.