August Break: Back to School

I have sunk deep into the August break during our time on the farm last week, and even though we are back home and back to school this week (what!!) we are still drinking in all of the goodness that summer has to offer.
We have camping plans in the van for the weekend, and it looks like we'll thankfully be missing the bad weather of Hurricane Irene that is sweeping the US east coast, so we are hoping for some beach days.
I'm not used to school starting in August, up north it always starts in September, so this early back to school time has taken me a bit by surprise....sure we were ready enough for the early mornings and the making of new friends, but I'm missing my long days with my little ones around all the time. Ah swift delicious summer, its hard to see you go. Lets dive in for just a little longer, while I get used to the idea of having a First Grader and a Pre-Schooler.