Yesterday we had the pleasure of being outside without our heavy coats (or even any coat at all!) with the temperature reaching a very spring like and unseasonable 65 degrees Fahrenheit! The park was so crowded and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face, we enjoyed the playground for what felt like the first time in months,

Watching the huge piles of snow, that have slowly turned into dirty gray heaps, melt away to almost nothing was pure joy!

I have been hit hard with the flu this week, spending a few days in bed with a fever and generally feeling awful, so yesterday felt extra special to me as it was my first outing. I think I over did it a bit as we stayed out too long to enjoy the day, and today I don't feel myself again. But we had such fun.

With something like the flu I am re-learning the lessons of taking extra care of my body, because I really need it to work for me! Something as simple as being able to breathe through my nose, or having the energy to sit up for more than a few minutes, has taken on a whole new importance.
Between naps and many cups of tea I am regaining my strength, which I need desperately as we are heading off tomorrow for 10 days in Charleston, where we will look at houses, schools and generally begin to set up our life there. We are excited, Frank is very excited and I am vibing off of his excitement....but I also feel trepidatious, I'm just feeling a little scared by the enormity of the fact that we are selling our house and planning to move to a place that I have only been to once! I feel like this is one of the boldest decisions that we have ever made, and I am walking in trust right now, in that decision based on all of our intuition and reasons from last summer.
I know that right when we arrive tomorrow, I will again know how I feel about Charleston, and I am so excited to GET excited about making our move.
While we are there I will be poping in to share thoughts and pictures from our visit, I'll give you peaks into the neighborhood that we think we want to live in, and scenes from our journeys around the area. Maybe I'll even have some big news to share about finding a house that we love, my fingers are crossed about that!
This week we also had another big occasion, the finishing of our house here in Brooklyn, yes, our renovation is finally completed down to the tiniest detail. It will be shown while we are away, and right now it really looks as good as we could possibly make it look, both Frank and I are extremely proud of a job well done. In honor of finishing off our Brooklyn house renovation project I will post the final installments of the Before and After Renovation Tale of our home. I know that you will be blown away by some of the before and after pictures that I have to share!