Before and After: the kid's room

It has been ages since I posted the before and after renovation tale of our Brooklyn home. Now, as we are preparing to sell it, I really wanted to finish the tale and let you see more of our renovation. This one is particularly shocking, as when we bought the house there was actually an old scary kitchen where the kid's room is now. Here it is before,

and after, 

another before,

and another after,

It is so different that it is hard for me to even remember it as it was before the renovation, even though I lived through it!
Here is a view of the opposite wall, before,

We covered up that doorway (looking into what is now our bedroom) making it into one of the walls in the kid's room, that I have decorated with special photos, art and keepsakes. Here it is after,

Next up will be the tale of our master bedroom renovation!