Paintings of the Week

Spore Hill

I'm starting a new summer tradition.
Every Monday until September I will be uploading one of my favorite paintings that I've made in the past few years. I'm calling this my [Painting of the Week], and each of them is special in a different way. With some of them I'll share a bit of the history of the piece and what I was thinking about when I made the painting. These will all be paintings that are new to my shop, and perhaps new to you as well. I'm super excited about sharing them, and making them as prints.

So, I'm beginning this series today with Spore Hill, a piece that was inspired when I was looking at some photographs of cactus flowers, and began imagining them as whole colony. This is a playful piece to me, I love the simplicity of this one and the little pops of color. It just makes me happy! I imagine each spore just slowly beginning to float away on the soft wind.
Prints are available here.

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