[Painting of the Week] Inflorescence

Inflorescence, 4 by 5 feet, oil and mixed media on canvas

Here is another of my all time favorite pieces, this is one of my larger works that I made in a series all of this same size, about 10 years ago...time flies!
I wanted to share this painting with you during our time in England, while we are visiting gardens and manor homes, as there is a lush overgrown garden feeling to this one, and the black stenciled vine reminds me of the wrought iron fences and gates that I have seen so often here. I wanted this painting to feel like something broken down, old and faded but still quite beautiful. 
Right at the center of the piece there is a swarm of dragonflies making their way through the flowers, I imagine them darting to and fro.
Before we moved into our house in Brooklyn with a backyard, after years of apartment living, I often felt that I directed my yearning to garden into my paintings, which this one really bears evidence of. The huge garden in my mind, wild and free!

*My work was just featured in this gorgeous Etsy treasury, each piece is very feminine with a slightly moody, nostalgic edge.