[Painting of the Week] Premonition


I am stepping lightly with myself right now, we are sifting through the heaviness of loosing our friend last week, along with the departure of dear friends of ours who are moving to New Mexico this week. Goodbyes are so hard for me!
What has been a great blessing through all of it is that I have felt God's closeness so much in the past few days, especially at our friend's memorial which was stunning...an amazing testament to God's glory and to a beautiful creative life. Our friend was a musician, and I plan to share the lyrics to one of his songs here this week. He was richly talented.

Today I give you Premonition, another in my series of my favorite paintings that I've made over the past few years. This one is about a feeling that I have had many times, of knowing that something was "off", it is usually only the shadow of a feeling that I can chose to recognize, or to ignore. There is always a moment of choice with it.
This is one of my large paintings, the actual piece is body sized, 5 feet long by 4 feet high. When I worked in our warehouse studio I enjoyed working in that size to express a feeling, there is something about the way that your body responds to a human sized painting in person that is physically satisfying to me and I find that it effects the viewer in a different way than smaller more intimate pieces. I also love the way that I feel physically when I am painting this large. I enjoy working small so much in my little home studio these days, but I do look forward to time when I can work large again!

Wishing you a glorious start to your week!