Before and After: a tale of a home renovation, part 4

Welcome to part 4 of our home renovation tale. Today I want to show you our entry and stairs, both of which were in sorry shape when we bought the house. I don't have a before picture of the entry, but here it is today. What I really wanted to show you here is the amazing wall finish that Frank created in this tiny space. He used a sienna rust color paint and then burnished it with gold powder in wax to create this stunning Venetian plaster finish which feels so warm and welcoming.

Since Frank does this type of high end wall finish for a living he has enjoyed experimenting with his favorite finishes and techniques on the walls of our home. Here is the entry again, and you can see that we used some turquoise tiles on the floor, which are a larger version of the tiles on our kitchen back splash.

When you walk in the entry way what you see in front of you are our stairs, and this is what they looked like shortly after we moved in, Frank had already removed the banister to repair it. You can see that the wood work was painted pink, and the stairs themselves were covered in linoleum which had to be painstakingly removed and then the wood refinished.

Here is the same view today. This is really a transformation that is hard for me to get over.

Here is another before picture of the stairs...

And after.

The lighting fixture in this picture was the first thing that we bought for the house renovation. We were so excited to start seeing our vision for the house come together that we couldn't wait, so we went to ABC Carpet and Home, which is a dreamy store here in New York, possibly one of the best home goods stores anywhere. We bought this beautiful hand blown Moroccan glass lantern, which always reminds me of how exciting that time was!

Here is a detail of the wall finish that Frank created for the stairwell, and upstairs hallway which you'll see in part 5. He used sawdust to create soft texture in this wall finish, which gives it a hand combed look, and this one was also burnished with the gold wax so it just glows with a lovely reflective surface.