Renovation: Baby's room!

More renovation has been happening at our house. After Frank so lovingly completed the Pink Princess room for Carys he began working on creating a room for baby. The space was a room that had to be walked through to get to Jasper's room, you can see his door there on the far wall. So, we figured that the space would be much more usable as its own room, and Frank put up a wall to divide the space...

Frank finished the room within one week, and once the electrician had rewired the lights and the walls were closed up and painted, then the fun began! Of course the most fun thing for me has been spending the past week decorating the room, as we wait for baby to arrive.

We had given away all of our baby things before we moved from Brooklyn, which felt discouraging at first when expecting another baby, I just didn't want to have to buy things again. I found that as I went through and sorted our things for the kids, and saw what they are using and have out grown, I was able to come up with so many cute things for baby's room within what we already had.

In the end the only things that we had to buy for baby are the crib and the pack 'n' play. We are starting off with the crib set up next to our bed in our room to make nights easier for the first few months, so the pack 'n' play is standing in his room for changes and play time. I was able to know this time that I've never used things like a changing table, so I kept the room simple and tried to only use things that I can picture him growing with and using for a while.

For the decorations I drew pieces from things that we've had in the kid's rooms over the years, things given to us by dear friends, and things that we have from when Frank and I were children! Notice the hot air balloons? Those are a fun project that the kids and I worked on for baby last week, can't wait to post about making them.

While decorating the room has been satisfying, nothing has been sweeter than preparing baby's clothes. Its is a ritual that I remember from the last days of being pregnant with Jasper and Carys, washing and folding each piece and while touching them picturing his little baby body inhabiting them sometime soon.

We are so excited, but trying to stay balanced with patience. My chiropractor shared a short mantra with me last week when I was expressing my impatience with waiting... she said to remember that whenever baby chooses to come will be the "perfect" time for him to be born. He will chose his perfect timing.
I'm holding onto that, repeating it over and over!