Renovation: The Pink Princess Room

When we bought our new home here in Charleston it was fun that we were able to learn the history of the house. It was built by an older couple as their vacation home, and the whole upstairs was supposed to be for their daughter and her family when they visited, so the space is a bit unusual. Along with a bedroom and two bathrooms, there were a couple of large spaces that we imagine were intended as play and sleeping areas for their grandchildren. There are two spaces upstairs in particular that have taken us a while to figure out the best way to use. This large landing at the top of our stairs was one of them. Finally, we decided to build it into a bedroom for Carys...and we feel a little silly that we began the construction only a few weeks before baby number three is due!

I love to brag about my handsome husband's talents and construction is definitely one of them, he's so good at it and learned so much from renovating our home in Brooklyn.  So he got to work and very quickly finished the room, doing all of the construction himself, he's amazing!

He completed it over the course of just under two weeks, and then moved onto work on making another of those hard to figure out spaces into the baby's room, more on that in my next post!
Right now we are still waiting on the doors for Carys's room to arrive, and we're using a wooden asian style screen that I normally use in my studio as her door until then.

She picked a very sweet color, called "bunny nose pink" for her walls. Originally she had said that she wanted to have a mermaid room, but then the pink took over,

and with the canopy "princess" bed that we gave her for her 5th birthday last April, the same one that I had in my bedroom as a little girl, her room has evolved into a pink princess room.

Since she has always shared a room with Jasper I am so excited for her to have a place now to really let her girl-nature shine! She has her own closet now (still with no door), and many shelves to display toys and pretty things.

There's lots of organization still to come, but she and I are taking it slowly...I'm sure the decorating will continue after baby arrives.

She just loves it, and so do I!