Happy Mother's Day

Frank took the kids camping this weekend, leaving me on my own for Mother's Day Weekend. What a change it is to let myself deeply relax into the quiet of our house, knowing that no one will disturb me .
I've been painting and enjoying the bright sun in my studio.

I received bouquets and sweet handmade cards before they left on their adventure, along with a surprise gift certificate for a prenatal massage that was just heaven yesterday. Being able to lay face down on the massage table, with the hole for my baby belly to rest in, was such a treat, I had forgotten how good is feels to lay on my tummy.

After my massage I set up a space to paint on our screened in porch, letting my mind and hand wander with color and pattern,

and taking lots of breaks for watermelon!

I can't wait to hear their little feet as they run out of the van when they return from their camping trip in a couple of hours this afternoon, but the treat of alone time is one that I've really savored this weekend.
I hope that you are enjoying much deserved Mother's Day rest and celebration today!