Tooth Fairy Pillow

During my quiet of January I did managed to make some things. One of the cutest was this tooth fairy pillow, I modeled it on the owl pillow that I made for Jasper a couple of years ago when he lost his first tooth. This one was for our niece, she's almost six and absolutely obsessed with loosing her first tooth so I knew this pillow would be a dream come true for her.

There is a small pocket in the front of the owl's belly to hold the precious tooth until the "tooth fairy" comes in the middle of the night to take the tooth and replace it with money or a treat. I'm curious, is this just an American tradition or is it something that people in other parts of the world are familiar with too?

My niece's favorite color is purple so I tried to use variations on that theme, with some complementary colors thrown in. Now I'm working on one in a pink color scheme for Carys!

Here's another sweet visitor who's often in my studio...

We're headed up into the mountains to my family's farm in Asheville for the long Easter weekend, wishing you an exciting holiday celebration!