Awaiting the Tooth Fairy

Last week, while we were away we had quite a surprise one morning. Jasper came running to me with his finger in his mouth, "My tooth is loose Mommy!". Could it be???
Indeed, his bottom front tooth, the first to break through his gums as a baby, is now nice and wiggly, especially this week as he has had a while to play with it with his tongue.
I so remember that feeling, being a kid with a loose tooth, and the excitement of wondering when it was going to come out!

I had the idea of making "Tooth Fairy Pillows" for both of my kids, but really I figured that I had a year or so to start that project.
Clearly that was a little naive, so, since returning home I have been knee deep in felt, working away on Jasper's tooth fairy pillow.
Because, of course it needs to be ready for the big event.
Here he is, our tooth fairy pillow, Mr. Owl, keeper of teeth and the tokens that the tooth fairy brings.
The tooth is still hanging on by a thread but when it comes out it will go right into Mr. Owl's breast pocket for safe keeping until the tooth fairy's visit that night, she will take the tooth and leave some money in it's place.
And, because I figured the back needed a little something too, his bottom has a little tail! I'm so happy with how he turned out, now he is off to be wrapped up to be presented for the big event...which should be well, any day now!