Guest Post on Mindful Parenting

My kids and I love taking silly photos, don't you? Sometimes those are my favorites to go back and look at as they capture a moment that maybe wasn't special otherwise, but became special as we recognized that we shared the moment together.

Today I am honored and excited to be featured as a guest over on the blog Mum in Search, where the lovely Tat, mum of 2 (soon to be 3) explores all topics related to parenting, creativity and self discovery.

Tat and I met during the Intuitive Heart E-Course offered by my dear friend Lauren earlier this year. Lauren asked me to make a video for the course talking about the many ways that I incorporate meditation into my life on a daily basis to help myself practice mindful parenting.

Today over on Mum in Search I've written about a few of those tips that I find most helpful in keeping myself mindful in my daily life especially life as a parent of young children. You can come on over and read it all here.