So, you've probably noticed the I've been posting a lot about the great outdoors here but not so much about our new house, well, that's because it still looks a whole lot like this picture.
The unpacking is going slowly, and can be hard to face when I'd rather spend time out side and ignore all that there is to do!
This is my new studio in our home, it is more than twice the size of my old space, so that is really exciting, and it is right off of our kitchen so I like that it is in the heart of our home.  I am adding a kid's art space within my studio here, but that is taking more time to organize, the going is slow. I did find that beautiful blue glass lamp on my desk at a furniture store here last week. It was love at first sight, and its a start, inspiring and motivating me to think of what it will be like when I can start creating in this room!