Right now...

I am loving,
The thrill of opening our shutters to a light coating of snow yesterday morning!

Seriously, if it is going to be this cold I feel like we might as well have snow to make it beautiful, and I do think that the city is rarely as beautiful and quiet as after a snow fall.

I am loving my boy's newly toothless grin!

and also loving working on more felt projects, this past weekend I created another rainbow garland. First I wet felted a bunch of little white balls that I put bands of bright color around. Then I cut out flower shapes from felt that I had in my craft cabinet, in a rainbow of colors. I then laid them all out in a row, in the order that I wanted to string them...

and here is the finished garland, it is about 4 feet long, and I hung it in the arch way between our kitchen and living room, where Carys likes to touch it each time she walks by.

I am also loving working on a few top secret handmade Christmas gifts, that I'll share here when they are closer to being finished! Suddenly Christmas feels so soon!