Huge shop update!

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhm. That's me exhaling deeply. Frank was away last week, so being alone with the kids had me running around like a wild woman doing the job of two parents, but we made it through, and I'm so happy to have my sweet man at home again! Somehow this past weekend I completed a huge shop update...and now my shop is full to brimming with pretty things. One of the the things that I'm most excited about are these prints on canvas, that are GORGEOUS!

I put a bunch of them up with my show at Swallow, I love that they look practically just like the originals but at a fraction of the price (spreading the love)! The sides are black all around, and the company that I found to print them just does a wonderful job, I'm so pleased with them.

I had them made in editions of two each of my favorite paintings, you can stop by here to check them out!
OK, another drum roll please....
Also, new to the shop are prints of four brand new paintings, all but one include deer. The piece that I have the biggest crush on currently is this wintry one called...

along with, Close to YouFaith and Courage, and Traveling Mercies. They are all pieces that I finished the week before my show went up. I usually like to wait and release each piece into the world on its own...but with the whirlwind and thrill of getting my show up I just went for it and added them all to the shop! To top it off I've also added a few more new small originals to the shop. There are this sweet Mama and baby in Little One, that I think is so perfect for a child's room,

and this gentle doe in Tender Footing,

As always, all of my prints are available for custom mounting on a wooden block with a key hole in the back for hanging, this is such a lovely way to see them displayed, it is as if they are just floating on the wall or bookshelf,

I am also totally getting caught up in the holiday spirit, probably something to do with my kid's excitement this year, Jasper is just at the age where he is starting to really get into the excitement of anticipating something. I think that it also has to do with the fact that this year we are planning a Florida Christmas, we are heading to Florida next Monday, away from the cold, to enjoy a warm holiday with Frank's family at his parent's house. Since we have already been having freezing temperatures here in Brooklyn this past week, I am more than ready for some sunshine. Warm thoughts are definitely keeping my spirits buoyant, and with that I would like to share with you that I am  offering a friendly 20% off of everything (even originals) in my shop using coupon code SEEKPEACE until I leave on the 19th, at which time I plan to close the shop for a whole week and simply relax. 
I hear myself deeply exhaling again, ahhh.

P.S. There are only three of my 2011 calendars left, get them while you can...