Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Looking back on summertime there were so many ways that we celebrated our city this year, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favorites. I've talked about the Brooklyn Bridge here before, and really it is probably my favorite NYC landmarks. Walking the entire length of the bridge on the pedestrian walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan is a trip that I have made many times, including during my first week after moving to New York in 1996.
Being out there is head clearing and inspiring.

It is a breathtaking way to view the city, and when you are out there in the middle of the bridge you feel suspended in the air and wind, sort of like a combination of flying and being out at sea with the views and harbor all around you. 

This time, after walking across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, we went down bellow the bridge to Grimaldi's Pizzeria, one of New York's oldest Pizza places. Usually there is a long line outside to get in as you can see in this picture, but the pizza really is worth the wait. They make it in a coal oven and it is melt in your mouth good. Quite a treat.