This and that

We had a busy weekend full of seeing friends, dining out doors, and visiting other New York neighborhoods.

We spent part of our time in the hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene where we visited Frank's show for the last time and saw that he sold this piece!

The other artist in the show, our friend Megan Prince, had amazing work too, her work is so moody and atmospheric, my favorite piece was this huge one with just a hint of ghostly purple.

Then off to play with bubbles in the park.

Finishing today with a drive to Queens where I visited with a dear old friend, our time together was made even more special as we had time to talk about the upcoming birth of her second child which I will attend as her doula in July!

Then home again, driving past my favorite of New York's landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge. Really, I never tire of looking at it, the suspension lines are amazing and I love those pointed arches in the middle.
Do you know Georgia O'Keeffe's painting Brooklyn Bridge? Some how, in her masterful way, she simplifies and distills the lines of the bridge into almost abstract form. Just stunning.
When I was in Grad. School I taught a college level drawing class and the most fun class was the day I took them on a field trip to the Brooklyn Bridge as the culmination of their time learning about using perspective. We walked the pedestrian walk way out into the middle of the bridge and I had them draw the bridge and city scape using perspective, their drawings were fabulous, and we spent the day struck by the grandeur of the city. Full of a little bit of this and a little bit of that.