Thrills and Surprises

One of my favorite things about having my kids along with me is the way that small moments become big ones. Things that I wouldn't notice myself take on a special thrill and I get to see it all through their eyes. The other day we had such fun taking the subway, that instant when the train burst into the station was so captivating and electric for them.

Yesterday I had my own surprise, which I took a little thrill from too. I noticed around mid-day that my Etsy shop had about 50 new Hearts on it, and there were a couple of back-to-back sales. It all was explained when I found out that I was featured as part of the Etsy take 5 Tuesday over on the amazing design blog decor8, you can check it out here.

I am seriously craving all of the jewelry by the artist that is featured after me! Those gold dipped crystals are just amazing. Boys, pay attention.