We were just here.

The beauty of the Oregon coast was lush and huge and wondrous, with so much to seek out and take in.
Looking at the pictures it looks like another planet really, definitely not on the same planet as NYC. Reentry has been hard after this trip, returning from such magnificence...I feel like I'll be in my rabbit hole for a few days before I can figure out my real life again.
Somehow, everything is always clearer to me when I travel, my senses are heightened and I see everything with more clarity. I am less self conscious and I see my self as I want to be. I understand where my weak places are and I see with more clearly how to make them stronger. I see my loved ones more clearly, I see who they are, who they are becoming and I see more clearly how I can help or hinder that process. I am a dreamer, and when I travel, in glorious surroundings, I feel like I am in a waking dream in which I am free to visualize, playfully throw ideas around and access endless possibilities.
I am trying to store up that clarity while it is still fresh right now!

The kids spent hours climbing on rocks, looking under rocks, playing with seaweed, running from the waves.
Frank usually paints outside with watercolor where ever we travel. Since rocks and the sea are really "his thing", you can imagine how this landscape got him going! He would just set up on a rock and go to it. The kids love to watch.

Here is one of the almost finished paintings.

And finally, I love how our hair is almost indistinguishable in this one. (notice the eye patch...Jasper was a pirate for most of our trip)