Flying again

My grandfather was an airline pilot for 50 years. First he flew planes in the south Pacific in WWII and then he flew commercial airline flights for Eastern Airlines (remember them?). I have always thought that the urge to travel was in his Norwegian blood, and it is definitely in mine!
This summer we have been so lucky to have many trips planned, tomorrow we leave on our last week away before the fall. We are flying to Oregon in the morning, we'll be traveling around the state a bit, and I'm really looking forward to checking out Portland.
I always feel a little bit giddy, like a kid again, the night before I travel. Tonight is no exception.
Today was hard, I was home the entire day until 5pm waiting for a UPS delivery of some prints of paintings that I had to mail to a client before my trip tomorrow. After waiting all day at home, with the kids, I finally received the prints and they were BENT! Seriously, they are bent down the middle and completely unusable.
In the morning I had read this amazing email newsletter by the fabulous SARK where she was talking about being a "Detective of Goodness"....she stops people in the midst of their day and asks, "Would you like a perspective of Goodness?", this is her way of reminding people that they have the opportunity to have such a different experience right in the midst of the annoyances that they face. We always have the opportunity to experience things differently and I loved reading her reminder, boy did I need that today. All day I was seriously repeating that as a MANTRA.
I will miss all of you, and I look forward to returning with photos and stories of my trip. See you next week.

::The photograph above is of 4 matted photos that hang in our upstairs hallway, all of them taken by me out of the window of an airplane on various flights at various times, when I fly I can't get enough of the sky::