May Day Snow

Jasper opened our inside shutters and "Said wow, it is so beautiful outside this morning Mommy, it snowed!". Hearing this on a May morning made me rush to the window to see that the "snow" covering the ground was actually our neighbor's crab apple tree's blossoms that had blown down all over our front stoop in the night. Recently, Jasper has been very excited about his new privilege of using the family camera. So of course the first thing he wanted to do was go outside and photograph the beauty! My coffee in hand the three of us went out to enjoy this gift. It seemed like a special blossom shower just for us as the petals were still falling.
A few weeks ago Jasper started asking to take pictures. Once I got over the initial hesitation about letting a 4.5 year old use my camera I realized that Jasper takes great pictures. He has a good eye, a fresh perspective, and he sees so many things that I might miss. I am always excited to see the pictures that he takes and often we end up with wonderful shots, like these. Another exciting thing for me about his new found love of the camera is that after almost 5 years I now do not have to always be behind the camera... and I just love his portraits of me, I get to see a little bit of how he sees Mama.