Happy coincidence

The kitchen is where the photographing of my work happens these days. I could use my husband's studio in an old Gowanus warehouse, but the getting over there, setting up, taking the pictures and getting home just takes too long....plus our kitchen has the most lovely light flooded beauty in the afternoons. So, I am getting my new paintings ready for my show coming up next week and was taking pictures of a few of the pieces yesterday afternoon. I put this one new painting down on our kitchen table after I had photographed it and realized the happy coincidence that it harmonized completely with our table cloth, the lovely oil cloth from Anna Maria Horner's good folk's collection. I find moments like this, when the synchronicity of life comes together in a tangible way, so inspiring. I was left wondering, "Does my environment feed my work, or my work feed my environment?", and the lines all blurred. Of course, both of these questions are true. I made the painting and I choose the table cloth. One thing leading from conception to inspiration to create a total vision. I love catching glimpses of this!
The new painting is called Blessing.