A Video Interview on 21 Secrets Conversations

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a half hour chatting over the computer with

Connie Solera of 21 Secrets and Dirty Footprints Studios

. Being interviewed on video can be quite intimidating, but Connie is so easy to talk to that our conversation flowed easily and in unexpected directions.

She asks just one question to get the 21 Secrets Conversations series started, that is "Tell me about your journey as an artist?", that's so wide open isn't it?! I was inspired to take it way back to the beginning of my journey and when I moved to New York City after college, I even tell the story of how I met my

amazing husband Frank

, and I talk about how leading women on art retreats feels a lot like the labor support doula work that I used to do.

To watch the full 20 minute interview head over here! 


You can still purchase the fantastic line up for 21 Secrets lessons for Autumn 2015 right here

! People are already doing some beautiful work in the online group!


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