Dreamy Painted Mandala Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, as another of the collaborative offerings that we have dreamed up, my friend Em and I offered a Dreamy Painted Mandala Workshop in her New Hampshire studio, located in a beautiful old mill building over looking a small lake. Like something out of a New England postcard!

We began the morning of our workshop gathering as a circle of women and making a nature mandala. So many lovely things in bloom there this time of year. Gathering as a circle at the start of a workshop feels so important for me, it seems to set the tone for all that follows that day and building those connections with other women is really so much of what the day is about!

Then we dove right into the work, each of us working on a 2 by 2 foot piece of wood. We created a build up of yummy collage layers.

Working in such an old inspiring space felt really good.

After building up our collage layers we began building up painted layers, using lots of techniques, which we demonstrated on our demo paintings...

And then after a break for lunch we all spent the afternoon adding our final mandala layer...

So much beauty came out of that day, and so much satisfaction for me to teach women who come in that morning saying and feeling that they can't paint, and helping them to get to the point in the afternoon where they are taking home a beautiful finished painting!!!

So much JOY!

We'll be offering this same painted mandala workshop a few more times over the coming months, including a version of this at our November In Our Element retreat on Cape Cod, check out the details here!