Soul Filling Inspiration

When was the last time you had an evening that filled you to the brim with gorgeous inspiration?
For me it was last month, when my beautiful friend Em and her family were visiting us. Em and I had just completed a full week, teaching a workshop and doing lots of brainstorming for all of the collaborative offerings that we have planned for the year ahead.
On their last evening here, we decided spur of the moment to grab our middle children (who had become great friends), jump in our van and head to the beach.

The girls collected handfulls of flowers as we walked out to the sand, and Em and I soaked in all of the beauty of the evening light. My favorite time of day.

Em and I have talked about and envisioned collaborating somehow through the years, we inspire each other so much and our aesthetics complement each other. Doing workshops together was one thing that kept coming up. Now, after teaching our first workshop together, and traveling to Bali together earlier this year, I feel such momentum going forward. We have lots of exciting things planned....the first being our "In Our Element" retreat which starts next Friday! Eeeeep, I'm so excited.

Together with our girls we gathered twigs, shells and used wildflowers to fill in the gaps of a large beach mandala, which felt like the perfect way to celebrate our friendship and our time together.

I can't wait for what's ahead!