Happy New Year!

Hello friends! It has been months, well, four and a half months to be exact. Lord knows I never intended to take such a long blogging break, but that's just what felt right after Griffin's birth and for these first months of his life. 
A lot has changed around here. For one thing, when I was last posting I looked like this...

Frank took that picture on one of our long beach walks in the last week of my pregnancy when I was desperately trying to send myself into labor. (I actually ended up giving birth in that pink striped skirt, it was one of the only comfortable things left to wear!)

Fast forward four and a half months and here we are just a few days ago, in almost the same spot on the beach...

Griffin Augustus Evans Sills was born at 12:41AM on Wednesday morning the 29th of August, 2012.
His arrival has grown me in ways that I am still learning and understanding, much of that has been the work that I have been doing in these past months. Retreating within so that I've been able to grow to fit this new role, mother of three beautiful children.
He's a gorgeous, happy boy, and I can't wait to share pictures of him here.
I'll also be sharing his birth story, and bits of the journey that I've been on since then, as it feels right.

As always I like to keep this space about the best parts of our life, which does mean that when I am sad and struggling I tend not to want to post, and these past months have definitely held their struggles. I am feeling healthy and well again, having come out of this time with a positivity and excitement about life and about my inspirations, so I'll be popping in with bits and pieces of the beauty in our lives. 
I have also just been loving Instagram everyday lately, if you are there too please come join me @faithevanssills I've been having so much fun taking pictures there, capturing the wonderful details of having a baby in the house and using it as a creative outlet while I've not have the time or energy to paint.

Since Griffin's birth I did have a show of my paintings, prints and cards (I still don't know how I pulled it off!) at our favorite restaurant here in Charleston. It will be up through February, so if you are in the area swing by Puree and check it out.

I'm looking forward to sharing in this space again. Its good to be back!