I'm here!

Its hard for me to believe that its already almost the middle of July, time has flown by and I've missed being here! We've been having adventures and really been totally caught up in the magic of summertime. I also had a huge set back and few weeks ago, when I came down with Pneumonia...its been a slow recovery and disappointing for me to get so sick right as I'm gearing up for the end of an otherwise good pregnancy.

To quickly sum up our past month and a half: At the beginning of June, when the kid's school ended for summer break we hopped in the car and headed south to Florida, where we met up with Frank's parents who live there. We visited Disney briefly, then Frank and I took a quick "baby moon" without the kids in Miami. We then spent time at Frank's parent's house and also visited Sanibel and Captiva Islands which were so beautiful. We returned home to Charleston in the middle of June after our long road trip, and as I was adjusting to being home I was feeling great and ready to head into the end of my pregnancy.

I've felt so strong physically with this pregnancy, I've been working out at the gym and doing yoga, both of which have kept me feeling so good. Here I am in my 33rd week, the week after we returned from Florida,

As I've been feeling so great it was such a surprise to me when I suddenly came down with what I thought was a horrible chest cold. I was so sick that I just had to be in bed, and I kept thinking I'd start to get better, but as the days passed I got worse. My breath began to get wheezy and there was a "clicking" sound in my chest when I exhaled, and I had horrible coughing fits. The nights were especially hard as I struggled to breathe, and began to have a feeling that I was drowning. This just didn't seem right to me, and even though I am usually hesitant to head to the doctor, this was definitely a situation where I should have gone in days earlier than I did.

I almost had to be hospitalized with a case of left lung Pneumonia, the doctor said that it has been going around our area, and I guess that in my very pregnant state my body just wasn't able to fight it off once I was exposed. I'm just relieved that my kids didn't get it too! I'm feeling so much better after 2 and a half weeks of treatment, but my energy level is still very low and I still get winded very easily if I exert myself (even climbing stairs is hard), it scares me when I think about how sick I was. This is really one of the times in my life when I have been most thankful for modern medicine, I feel really blessed by it and so fortunate and amazed at how much better I am starting to feel even from one week ago, what a difference!

So, after those adventures I'm back. Still recovering, and my main focus right now is on getting fully better so that when I face labor soon I will be ready with everything that I have within me. I'm in my 36th week of this pregnancy, feeling huge and so ready to meet this baby!

I hope that you are having a wonderful July, I'm excited to share highlights from our time in Florida and our "baby moon".