Planting Succulents

In the springtime I always get the itch to get my hands in the dirt and plant things. We have a lot of sun on our deck here so I decided to try something that I've been longing to do for a while, create potted arrangements of succulents.

I just love all of the colors, variety and textures of succulents, combining them in a planter made me feel like I was creating little works of art with them as my palate.
Carys and I had fun picking out our plants at the garden center.

I set out to make four different low arrangements with four spots in mind around our deck and patio.

And here are two of them finished, adding interest to our seating area,

 This was the only planter that I bought, the rest we had sitting around, but I liked that this one has been planted with mosses in the terracotta. Isn't that a cool idea? So, over the course of the summer the exterior of the pot should become mossy and "worn" looking in the best way.

I did one hanging planter, which looks so pretty next to our lotus cooper rain chain .

Making them was such a satisfying project, one that we'll enjoy all summer! This week I want to share our other big garden project with you, we're growing vegetables!