The Farm in Spring

We visited my family's farm in Asheville, North Carolina over Easter weekend, it was a visit just drenched in the beauty of springtime, now its already May and I've wanted to do a long-overdue post in pictures of the wonderful time we spent celebrating the holiday there.

The above view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from my aunt's house never gets old, and I love how it changes with the seasons, last time we were there it was Autumn, and this time the understory of the forest almost looks like it has snow on it with those white Dogwood blossoms.

We spent Easter day celebrating with friends and family by the pond, eating yummy food, hunting Easter eggs,

and having good old fashioned egg on the spoon races,

Can't get enough of that spring green!

And I was totally swooning over the spring flowers, everywhere!

Frank did this painting of the view from my Aunt's deck, I love the movement in it!

Whenever we are there so much activity is packed into blissful days spent mostly outside. My aunt takes the kids with her on all of her farm chores, feeding the cows, fish and chickens, along with collecting eggs and whatever else needs doing. Which leaves Frank and I with much appreciated time to hang out together. During this visit we even got to go into downtown Asheville for lunch at a delicious Indian restaurant just the two of us. We usually visit the farm in August, but with baby due this year in August we might try to squeeze a last visit in July, we'll see...but part of my heart is always there.