Mexico: Lounging Around

That's what a big part of this trip to Mexico was for Frank and I, taking time to relax while the kids played or playing right along with them in the pool or at the beach.

Enjoying the breeze in the trees, and the sun on our skin. Few things relax me the way a day in the sunshine can!

Traveling with kids can be tricky if you want to relax, we've found that out the hard way when we get frustrated that they need our attention when we want to sit and read. So, on this trip we chose to stay at a resort (our first resort experience) that had a kid's club and lots of activities for seemed like that would strike a good balance for us and we wanted to try it out. Usually when we travel we like to be independent, usually renting a small apartment through VRBO, but we especially enjoyed that at the resort all of the meals were taken care of and all we had to do was show up when we were hungry!

What we found was that even though there we organized activities for the kids they were happiest just playing in the water.

Jasper tried snorkeling for the first time and loved it, so he spent hours perfecting swimming with his mask on,

While he spent hours searching for things in the water we relaxed on chairs nearby, I even got to read a whole book (Stephanie Meyer's The Host, totally recommend it as a beach read).

Another reason that I chose the place where we stayed was because it was in the jungle, with natural pools (called Cenotes) through out the property, lots of jungle trails and even Mayan ruins right on the hotel grounds.

In the evenings animals would come out in the jungle and it was fun to look around for them, we saw turtles, Spider Monkeys, Coati Mundis, Iguanas and Macaws.