Getting our Tree

Of all the many (many) Christmas tree shops that seem to have popped up in every parking lot in our new neighborhood over the past weeks this one caught my eye with the VW bug draped in sparkly lights sitting out front. So that's where we went to pick out our tree.

The sunset on our drive there was spectacular,

Jasper picked out the perfect tree immediately,

and we drove home, with the tree tied to our roof, for our favorite part, getting out the decorations!

Over the past ten years Frank and I have been gathering ornaments that have special meaning to our family, and unwrapping each one to hang it on the tree is a pleasure,

Reminding us of how our children have grown and the importance of this ritual, marking the passing of time, and this season of togetherness and celebration.

We've been enjoying our tree so much this week, especially in the early mornings when we get up and it is still dark outside, then we can really appreciate the twinkly white lights.

The last thing to go up on our tree was the tree topper Christmas Angel that I made last year, we were all so happy to get her out of the box and greet her again, another old friend!