Still Summer

Happy October! I know that it is officially autumn here but really it still feels a whole lot like summer. I've noticed a few changes in the vegetation with the change of season so far, especially in all of the beach grasses that grow everywhere, they are all growing these huge fluffy tops now. We like to play with them on our way to the beach.

There are lots of them growing outside of my favorite beach house, this turquoise one. All summer long there were groups of renters in it, but now it sits empty along with all of the other summer beach rental houses that we pass on our way to the beach. I think that I like this one the best as it reminds me of beach houses in Hawaii, wooden and up on stilts. I'm sure the view out to the ocean from that deck is pretty fabulous!

Our walk to the beach goes right past the house, on a little sand path,

That turns into a board walk,

These bracelets have taken me through all summer, the knotted friendship bracelet is about to fall off and I'll be sad when it finally wears out, I just love the crystal sown onto it. I'm thinking of making more with this same idea. I got this one back in June from one of my favorite Etsy shops ever. Her style is so spot on to me (and very beachy).

So, we continue to savor our beach days, the sun is still strong and the water still warm. Since this is our first autumn here I don't know when the season will become too cold for us to swim, but I see us continuing our beach visits into the coming season and beyond, perhaps only with a bit more clothing on.